Athletes Of The Week: Calvin Alphin

Athletes Of The Week: Calvin Alphin

Spring Creek’s Calvin Alphin has the distinct ability to work diligently at his craft to reach new heights.

The junior is a vital piece of Spring Creek’s basketball team, and he serves as a role model to the younger athletes on the team. They do not just admire him for the concrete results he has achieved but also for how he carries himself and his relentless desire to get better on the court.

Alphin has been playing basketball all his life, and he always dreamed of playing on Spring Creek’s varsity basketball team.

“I’ve played basketball for my entire life, and just watching from an early age, I knew I wanted to play because it’s a fun game,” Alphin said.

Alphin joined the Gators as a freshman, where he quickly realized the bond with his teammates on the court was unlike anything he had experienced before. Alphin is grateful to play the sport he loves so much.

On top of his success on the court, Alphin was on the Gators’ cross country team, but he takes it upon himself to improve regardless of the sport.

Alphin’s improvement, of course, did not just magically happen. It was the result of countless hours working on his craft with his teammates and coaches.

“I mainly focus on basketball, but I like to do some cross country too,” Alphin said.

While teamwork is everything in basketball, Alphin makes sure to improve his game, so the Gators’ overall product is better.

Alphin has benefited from improved play on the court, and he is on track to have an outstanding junior season.

After graduating from high school, he hopes to attend college, but he is focused on leading the Gators on the court. Those who know Alphin expect nothing less because of who he is and how he tackles every game.

“I honestly thought they were going to cancel the season when school started, but we’re lucky enough to play this season,” Alphin said.

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