UNC Health Answers COVID-19 Vaccine Questions (VIDEO)

UNC Health Answers COVID-19 Vaccine Questions (VIDEO)

If you have questions about the new coronavirus vaccine that is arriving in North Carolina, UNC Health has the answers.

UNC Health and the UNC School of Medicine held an online town hall for its employees on the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine last week.

That virtual town hall is now available for the public.

Dr. Tony Lindsey, Chief Medical Officer of the UNC System, opened by talking about the challenges the pandemic presented toward the system’s rural facilities, including Wayne UNC Health Care.

Dr. David Wohl, Professor of Infectious Disease, noted both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been promising.

Dr. Cindy Gay, Associate Professor of Infectious Disease, says the vaccines have proven safe and effective with minimal side effects.

Dr. David Weber, Doctor of Infectious Disease, says the vaccine trials included a diverse population.

Dr. Crystal Cene, Executive Director for Health Equity, recognized minority communities may have some fear about taking the vaccine.

However, Cene says the representation in the trials shows it is safe across all racial and ethnic populations.

UNC Health says it expects to receive its first shipment of the vaccine today.

UNC Health’s full town hall on the COVID-19 vaccine can be viewed below.