Event Shows Support For Spouses, Children Of Deployed Airmen

Event Shows Support For Spouses, Children Of Deployed Airmen

Many servicemen and women are deployed overseas during the holidays as part of the ongoing effort to protect America.

That means many of their spouses and families are left on their own during the holidays, not to mention the ongoing pandemic.

To help out and show their appreciation, the organization Support Military Families handed out care packages to spouses and children of deployed Seymour Johnson airmen on Friday at the Dixon Foods McDonald’s on Berkeley Boulevard.

Tyler Sollars, the area supervisor for Dixon Foods, says the distribution had to look a little different this year due to COVID-19.

Dozens drove thru or walked up to collect their packages on Friday.

Sollars says they know active-duty and veterans are a big part of the Wayne County community, and Dixon Foods hopes to continue the partnership with Support Military families in years to come.

Since its inception, Support Military Families has grown into the largest Christian non-profit organization that serves military families.

Workers ready to hand out the Support Military Families care packages at the Berkeley Boulevard McDonald’s.