State Of The Community: Mayor Updates On City’s Progress

State Of The Community: Mayor Updates On City’s Progress

Goldsboro moves forward despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

That from Mayor Chuck Allen during the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce’s annual State of the Community event.

Allen praised the completion of the Center Street streetscape project in Downtown Goldsboro.

Mayor Allen says the downtown area continues to grow, and the city is looking forward to the Rehab Development project that is adding dozens of apartments to Downtown Goldsboro.

Allen says the city’s crime rate is heading in the right direction, with violent crimes decreasing over the past five years.

On a personal note, Mayor Allen noted that it was just about one year ago that he was admitted to Duke Hospital with a brain tumor.

Allen thanked all the community members that had offered him their support and prayers during his recovery.

The Wayne County Chamber held its State of the Community virtually on Facebook Live this year.

You can view the entire 2020 State of the Community on the Wayne County Chamber’s Facebook page.


Wayne County Board of Commissioners Chair Joe Daughtery also provided an update on the county’s work over the past year during Thursday’s event.  We’ll hear from him on Monday.