Wayne County Public Library Launches Art Smart Program

Wayne County Public Library Launches Art Smart Program

On November 1st, the Wayne County Public Library, in partnership with the Wayne County Arts Council, launched a new program called Art Smart. In an effort to support families during the COVID-19 pandemic and to encourage learning, this program encourages families to engage together in conversations about works of art that are located throughout the county. This effort will also encourage families to visit local businesses and points of interest across Wayne County, bringing families to places they may have never been before.

”We are incredibly excited to work with local businesses, parks, and local governments through Art Smart. With classes being disrupted and families out of their normal routines, we aim to engage the children of Wayne County with art education and help them have fun at the same time. Studying art can help children interpret the world around them, express their emotions, and learn creativity, which are skills that are critical for children to develop.” said Anna Snyder, Head of Children’s Services at Wayne County Public Library.

Works of art are displayed in eleven locations around the county, along with information and trivia about the art and conversation starters for families to use. Each artwork has a QR code that will take participants to an online exhibit with videos, book suggestions, and more. Many of the art education videos provided in the Art Smart program were recorded in coordination with Wayne County art teachers. Children who participate will receive a scavenger hunt map with clues, and will receive a prize if they visit all locations. Families can also check out a wide variety of art books at the Wayne County Public Library, as well as museum kits, which will allow them to create and arrange their own art museum at home. Families can also pick up craft packets with instructions and materials needed to create works of art similar to those on display around the county. Once created, the Wayne County Public Library will display them in their own special online exhibit.

Art Smart is planned to continue up through December. Funding for the Art Smart program was provided by the Friends of the Wayne County Public Library and the Wayne County Public Library Foundation.


Caroline and Ellie Saylors enjoy the painting “Cakes” by Wayne Thiebaud located at Mickey’s Pastry in Goldsboro.
The Art Smart program includes many different tools to help support art education, including: a multitude of art books, interactive Museum kits, craft kits, trivia, a scavenger hunt and large displays located around Wayne County.