Wayne County Public Library Launches “Netlitz”

Wayne County Public Library Launches “Netlitz”

In honor of TeenTober, a nationwide celebration hosted by libraries every October, Wayne County Public Library is collaborating with two local teens to bring you Netlitz. Netlitz is an audio book club for teens that aims to fill the gaps left by COVID-19 and social distancing. Netlitz will be shared on the Wayne County Public Library’s website in an audio format. Netlitz will feature the two teens discussing scenes and themes from a pre-selected book and answering questions submitted by the audience.

Rohan Shreenath, the teen also responsible for Humans of Wayne County, is collaborating with Louise Gurley on Netlitz. “We’ve all been through a lot with the pandemic, missing school, not being able to hang out with friends, and being stuck at home with our parents. So, this will be a fun, laid-back way to connect with each other,” Rohan and Louise said. “The end goal is for this program to become its own podcast hosted by the library’s website.”

For more information about TeenTober, Netlitz, or any of the Library’s resources or programs, contact Jessica Lozano, PR Coordinator, at (919) 735-1824 ext. 5130 or email her at [email protected].