Showing The Diversity Of Wayne County Residents

Showing The Diversity Of Wayne County Residents

Wayne County Public Library has partnered with Rohan Shreenath — a junior at Wayne Country Day School — to create a project called Humans of Wayne County. Rohan will work with the Wayne County Public Library’s mission in mind: strengthening our community by bringing people together to explore, discover, and connect. To do this, Rohan will be interviewing a wide range of people who differ by age, race, and profession, to highlight how diverse Wayne County residents are.

“Humans of Wayne County is a perfect way to celebrate our differences, while at the same time show that we are all proud members of the Wayne County community. It highlights that even though we are physically distanced, we can still be socially connected,” said Rohan Shreenath.

This project will collect and share information about the residents of Wayne County in written format, oral interview, and/or video interviews. The Library has already begun posting the Humans of Wayne County audio interviews to the library’s webpage.

“We saw the potential of this project to empower and engage Wayne County residents and were excited to partner with Rohan,” said Donna Phillips, Director of the Wayne County Public Library. “Now is the perfect time to come together, virtually, and discover more about our community.”

In 2010, photographer Brandon Stanton initiated a project called Humans of New York, where he photographed and interviewed different members of his community. The purpose of the project was to promote peace and understanding throughout the community by spreading the stories of thousands of people. Humans of Wayne County will follow in Brandon’s footsteps, promoting knowledge, understanding, and empathy. If you would like to be included in this project, please email [email protected]. The application process can also be found at

For more information about Humans of Wayne County, or any of the Library’s resources or programs, contact Jessica Lozano, PR Coordinator, at (919) 735-1824 ext. 5130 or email her at [email protected].