Fundraiser Brings In $112,000 For Koser Family

Fundraiser Brings In $112,000 For Koser Family

The committee of the Katlyn Koser Fundraiser met Sunday afternoon at Grantham Fire Department to present the family of Katlyn a certificate in the amount of $112,000.

The fundraiser began about a year ago but was put on a temporary stop due the COVID-19 virus. The event was held a few weeks ago and the committee was very pleased with the outpouring of support from the public, the Grantham Community and surrounding area churches.

A lot of hard work went into making this a success for the family. The volunteers cooked 20 hogs, 1,800 chicken halves, lots of Apple Jacks, and 400 Brightleaf hotdogs. There were over 3,100 plates sold. The auction was a big success bringing in over $28,000. The biggest part of making this happen was the strong support of four local fire departments, business in the community and the very strong support of local churches.

Rev. Donald Massey and Delmer Keen, chairman of the committee, presented a certificate to the Katlyn Koser family in the sum of $112,000 from Manley Grove Church and surrounding churches, local fire departments and the Grantham Community.

In The PHOTO From Left To Right:Katlyn husband, Sam Koser, their daughters, Olivia, and Samantha, Delmer Keen presenting the certificate and Donald Massey.