Get Your Peanuts & Potatoes At UMO

Get Your Peanuts & Potatoes At UMO

Students in the University of Mount Olive’s School of Agricultural and Biological Sciences have been hard at work harvesting peanuts and sweet potatoes. They are currently selling these items on a first-come, first served basis. Green peanuts, just right for boiling, are $1 per pound or $35 a bushel. Cured Covington sweet potatoes are $7 for 10 pounds or $12 for 25 pounds. Pre-Orders for these commodities should be placed with Aleza Jones at [email protected]

or call 919-658-1664. Pickup is available Monday–Friday outside of Raper Hall (652 R. B. Butler Drive) from the Lois G. Agribusiness Center located in Raper Hall.

The student workers will also be selling dried peanuts for roasting/parching and specialty sweet potatoes (purple with purple flesh and white with white flesh). These commodities will be available for purchase on and after October 28th.

Pre-orders for roasting peanuts and specialty sweet potatoes can be made by emailing [email protected] or calling 919-658-1664.