City’s IT Department Wins Award For Website Chatbot Feature

City’s IT Department Wins Award For Website Chatbot Feature

An innovative chatbot application earned the City of Goldsboro’s Information Technology department a Center for Digital Government Project Experience Award. Goldsboro was one of 30 municipalities recognized during the fourth annual Government Experience Awards. The awards recognize the achievements and best practices of states, cities and counties that are radically improving the experience of government and pushing the boundaries of how citizen services are delivered.

“Our state and local government winners this year demonstrated that focusing on the government experience provides a foundation that played a vital role in responding and adapting to the uncertainties and disruptions of 2020,” said Dustin Haisler, Chief Innovation Officer for the Center for Digital Government. “This year’s winners employed innovative methods and technologies to transform their government experiences, including leveraging citizen-centric platforms such as Mississippi’s myMS; employing AI to perform sentiment analysis on chatbots; and infusing digital services enterprise-wide for both internal and citizen-facing services.”

The chatbot, which was created in-house, uses artificial intelligence to improve engagement with residents. Users can access the feature on the City’s website or text their questions to 919-580-4299. The chatbot knows the answer to more than 32,000 questions. It can help residents find job openings, councilmember information, and trash and recycling schedules. Residents can also use the chatbot to report potholes, issues with traffic signals and more.