Manager Discloses COVID-19 Diagnosis As Council Updated On Virus

Manager Discloses COVID-19 Diagnosis As Council Updated On Virus

If we’ve learned one thing about COVID-19 in the last several days, it’s that the virus can hit anyone, even those in government.  Goldsboro City Manager Tim Salmon is an example of that, as he announced at last night’s city council meeting.  After feeling mild flu-like symptoms, Salmon tested positive for COVID-19 before the last council meeting.  He was quarantined and worked from home until finally testing negative for the coronavirus.

The Goldsboro City Council also received a local coronavirus update from Jeff Brogneaux and Chanda Newsome from Wayne UNC Health Care.

Brogneaux says there were currently only ten people at the local hospital due to COVID-19, which is lower than it has been.  He also says there are only 12 people at the hospital on ventilators, which is a lower number and is not straining supplies on the necessary equipment.

Newsome says Wayne UNC has limited COVID testing available, and she says there are options outside of the local hospital.  She suggested residents seek out PCR tests for COVID-19, which are more accurate.  Newsome urged everyone to continue wearing face covering while in public and keep using that six-foot social distancing standard.