WCPS Elementary Schools Won’t Go To “Plan A” Until End Of Semester

WCPS Elementary Schools Won’t Go To “Plan A” Until End Of Semester

There are many decisions to make as North Carolina school districts consider reopening their elementary schools.

The Wayne County Board of Education met Wednesday afternoon and started looking at the issues, including scheduling, nutrition and busing.

School board chair Chris West says the decisions are going to take some time and work.

On a 4 – 3 vote Wednesday, the board decided WCPS will wait until the end of the first semester IF the district decides to fully reopen schools under “Plan A” for K – 5 students.

WCPS Communications and Public Relations Officer Ken Derksen says a parent survey will be conducted by phone to help the district make its eventual decision on fully reopening to K-5 students.

Dr. Marcia Manning, WCPS Assistant Superintendent for Student Services and Innovative Programs, noted not every family will want their children back in a classroom.

Manning says, so far, the district has done well preventing any outbreaks in schools and classrooms.

Gov. Roy Cooper has announced districts may reopen their K-5 schools to students starting Oct. 5th.

Schools that reopen under “Plan A” will have to implement COVID-19 safety measures including symptom screenings and required face coverings.

Also, those schools will still have to provide a remote learning option for students.



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