Council Votes Down Reparations, Looks To Form Race Relations Committee

Council Votes Down Reparations, Looks To Form Race Relations Committee

The City of Goldsboro will not offer reparations to the Black community at this time.

Monday evening, the Goldsboro City Council voted 3 – 4, shooting down a resolution supporting reparations for the Black community.

The proposal — which was essentially a copy of the resolution passed by the City of Asheville earlier this year — had been brought up by former city council member Bevan Foster.

Councilman Antonio Williams reminded the proposal did not involve distributing funds to individuals, rather it would have involved investment in the Black community.

Council members Brandi Matthews and Taj Polack were in favor of the resolution.

Councilman Bill Broadway says he saw problems with the resolution since it was drafted for another city.

Council member David Ham voted against the proposal for reparations, but he stated he would be in favor of a new committee that would start looking at local race relations.

While the council voted down the reparation proposal Monday, there was further discussion on forming a new commission to examine race relations in Goldsboro and the Wayne County area.

Mayor Chuck Allen asked the council to start looking at who would serve on the commission.


In an online poll, asked citizens whether the City of Goldsboro should become the next North Carolina city to institute reparations for the Black community.  As of Monday afternoon, the results of that poll were:

  • Yes – 26 votes
  • No – 200 votes