Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Goldsboro Asked To Consider Reparations For Black Community

Goldsboro Asked To Consider Reparations For Black Community

Could Goldsboro become the next North Carolina city to institute reparations for its Black community?

The City of Asheville already did it.

Now, former Goldsboro Councilman Bevan Foster is asking his city do the same.

Foster made his pitch for reparations at Tuesday’s Goldsboro City Council meeting.

He is essentially asking for the city to pass the same resolution that Asheville recently approved.

For instance, Foster says the resolution can help provide funds for housing in disadvantaged areas of the city.

Foster says it’s primarily about starting a conversation and acknowledging the history of the white community in Goldsboro and Wayne County profiting off of Black people.

Councilman Antonio Williams noted Asheville, a city with a smaller Black community by percentage, did not make monetary payments through its reparation plan.

With several council members absent or attending remotely Tuesday, the Goldsboro City Council decided to wait until its next meeting to possibly take a vote on the reparations proposal.


  • Skyoz

    There are other avenues that can be used rather than start this slippery slope of “reparations.” Yes African Americans have been disadvantaged by the “system.” We can do better. There is no doubt. To use the stigma of slavery to push an agenda is wrong. No one alive today has been a slave nor has owned slaves. That dark era is over. There are lingering effects. Ones we need to address. I feel this is the wrong way to go about it.

    • alm

      Thank you! Leave the past in the past, cause it is way back there, focus on the future, can’t change the past!

  • Dennis Gatta

    This is a distraction/smoke screen to shade the poor job the Democratics have done for the black community and Goldsboro residents in general, if these politicians we’re truly concerned about the black community they would promote the nuclear family and education, not the victimhood status but the ladder perpetuates their power

  • bsands

    it is a good gesture at this time to recognise that the government was once racist and in some cases is still racist….