County Unveils New GIS Public Crime Mapping Tool

County Unveils New GIS Public Crime Mapping Tool

Wayne County residents can now get an improved and up-to-date look at the crime stats across the county.

Julio Garrido, the GIS Coordinator for Wayne County, showed off the new GIS public crime mapping system to the county commissioners this week.

Garrido noted there were 228 “incidents” that occurred in the last two weeks in the County of Wayne.

The incidents are broken down by types of crime, and you can even search for recent incidents in certain areas or neighborhoods.

Garrido says the map helps users search for state information on area daycares.

The county’s new Public Crime Map also includes information on registered sex offenders living in the community.

The public can view the new Public Crime Map on the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office webpage on


A snapshot of Wayne County’s new GIS Public Crime Mapping tool.