Labor Day Booze It & Lose It Effort Gets Underway

North Carolina Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Speeding 

Labor Day Booze It & Lose It Effort Gets Underway

As Labor Day fast approaches, increased congestion across the state is expected as motorists travel to their intended vacation destinations. With this in mind, the State Highway Patrol is stressing the importance of sober driving throughout the holiday weekend.

Combining forces with the Governor’s Highway Safety Program and more than 500 law enforcement organizations statewide, the SHP is participating in the GHSP’s Booze It & Lose It campaign. Troopers throughout the two-week initiative will focus on multiple motor vehicle violations such as: excessive speeding, aggressive driving and driving while distracted. A special emphasis will also be placed on removing impaired motorists, attempting to prevent needless collisions from occurring.

“Removing impaired drivers before they harm themselves or someone else is among our highest priorities throughout the holiday weekend,” said Colonel Glenn McNeill, Jr., commander of the State Highway Patrol. “Ensuring safe travel is a shared responsibility among both law enforcement and those who travel across our great state.”

Last year, the SHP responded to more than 1,351 collisions throughout the Labor Day weekend. Among those collisions, 402 resulted in an injury and 12 resulted in one or more fatalities. 94 collisions within the same time frame occurred due to impairment of either alcohol or drugs.

Motorists can assist in reducing needless collisions by following the provided suggestions:

  • Plan ahead by ensuring a designated driver has been selected.
  • Use a ride sharing service if no designated driver is available.
  • Prepare for delays by choosing alternate routes.
  • Monitor speed limits and avoid driving distracted.
  • Increase following distances

The Booze It & Lose It campaign began Monday, August 31 and will conclude on Sunday, September 13.