Local Church To Host “Groceries On Us”

Local Church To Host “Groceries On Us”

Deeper Life Church Ministries (DLCM) will host “Groceries On Us”, to feed some 200 families as a part of DLCM’s Impact the City. Groceries On Us, a free initiative, will take place this Sunday, August 30, 2020 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM (or until food runs out) at DLCM. Food and monetary donations were made by DLCM members, friends and the Word Warehouse ministry.

Jesus said that “If you feed them, they will come,” stated Dr. Aaron McNair, II, Sr. Pastor of DLCM. “DLCM recognizes this is a very difficult time for the community in which we serve. It is important, however, to note we not only want to feed our community physically, but also spiritually via our online Tuesday and Sunday Facebook services and when our church doors reopen.”

Rene Barrett, DLCM outreach coordinator, stated that Pastor McNair has a mandate that DLCM seeks to Teach, Reach, Love and Serve the people of our community. “I believe times like these beckons to us as part of the “church” to do our part! Love thou neighbors as thou self, reigns in my spirit! So, it was a pleasure for our members to prepare and distribute the groceries to be a blessing to our community.”

COVID-19 has cause normal times to become abnormal times: businesses are shutting down, healthcare systems are operating differently, and persons who never imagined it are finding themselves without food to eat. These are the driving forces pushing Overseer Norbert Simmons and Aaron McNair, Sr. Pastor to seek more ways and solutions for DLCM to come to the aid of its members and the community.

DLCM was able to host Load On Us, July 11, 2020 where nearly 82 persons received free laundry services on the church. Another City Impact itiative and goal achieved.

Deeper Life Church Ministries is located at 900 Eleventh Street in Goldsboro.