500 Book Bags From FIC Delivered [PHOTOS]

500 Book Bags From FIC Delivered [PHOTOS]

(GDN)–Last weekend members of the FIC delivered 500 book bags to the First PH Church in Mount Olive. Members of the church along with members of All the King’s Children and members of the Bridge Church came together in filling the book bags with school supplies.

On the following Monday members of FIC picked up the trailer from the church and began to deliver the book bags to five local schools in the area. Each school received 100 book bags.

Their first stop was Brogden Middle School, and then onto Brogden Primary School where they received help from, Principal Nicole Barrett, Asst. Principal Sharon Rogers, Counselor Troy Harris, P.E. Coach Tyler Mozingo and Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.

The next batch of 100 book bags went to Carver Elementary School before going over to Mount Olive Middle School, and finishing up with a final stop at North Duplin Elementary School where they dropped off their last set of 100 book bags.

North Duplin Principal Ann Hardy, and Social Worker Kiandra Bowden displayed some of the book bags with the Group of FIC members.

This makes the ninth year that the members of FIC have given away book bags to students. Due to the COVID-19 virus this event is normally held at Nelson Street Park in Mount Olive with a celebration of food fun and games for the students. Local law enforcement and members of local churches all come together to make this event a great success.