United Way Survey Asks How COVID-19 Has Impacted N.C. Residents

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United Way Survey Asks How COVID-19 Has Impacted N.C. Residents

United Ways across North Carolina are concerned about the hardships that families are facing because of COVID19. To gather information on how people have been impacted, United Way of NC (the state association for local United Ways) is distributing an online survey, available to all North Carolina households who would like a voice in the how to help their household and local communities recover.

As helping organizations and United Ways transition from immediate relief to long-term recovery, there will be a greater need for data to support goals, tactics, actions, and measurable outcomes. The COVID impact survey data will be instrumental in identifying priority needs and gaps in services that will inform recovery solutions at the local level.

COVID-19 has affected everyone in different ways. Some have lost their job and faced financial hurdles they would have never anticipated, while others have retained work but shifted to a work-from-home environment. The COVID impact survey is open for North Carolinians in any situation.

Survey specifics are confidential and will only be shared by grouping of answers.

No individual results will be shared outside of United Way of NC and its consultants responsible for reporting.

The survey has 37 questions and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Questions range from household make-up, location, employment status, childcare situation, greatest concerns, to what assistance has already been received. These questions are intended to help inform solutions and will be held in confidence.

The survey will be offered in English and Spanish, available on computer, mobile device, and tablet. The survey opens on Monday, July 27 and will close on Friday, August 21.