Wednesday, December 01, 2021
Storms Wash Out Roads In Duplin County

Storms Wash Out Roads In Duplin County

Friday night’s storms that crossed Duplin County in the Calypso and Faison Area dumped several inches of rain in a short period of time, according to Faison Fire Chief Lee Kennedy. Chief Kennedy said Saturday morning they had closed Warren Road, just west of Faison, along with Highway 50 North, and U.S. 117 Alt. between Calypso and Faison due to flash flooding. He stated that they had multiple accidents in these areas. Kennedy says they were called out to a vehicle that struck the washed out portion on 117 Alt. when a second vehicle ran off into the hole. Chief Kennedy says that the N.C. Department of Transportation came in and put up road closed signs.

Faison Fire Chief Lee Kennedy inspect a washed out roadway