Commissioners Push For Improved Broadband Access Across County

Commissioners Push For Improved Broadband Access Across County

The demand for broadband internet access is increasing throughout Wayne County.

Many rural areas of the county continue to struggle with accessing the World Wide Web, a need highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the last Wayne County Board meeting, Commissioner Ray Mayo noted the hardship many students would face with remote learning this school year.

Mayo says it’s a disservice that students and their parents will have to seek out Wi-Fi hotspots if they don’t have coverage at home.

Wayne County Manager Craig Honeycutt says he understands the frustration, and the county continues working with Open Broadband to upgrade internet access throughout the county.

The county has partnered with Open Broadband to help bring affordable broadband internet to underserved areas of Wayne County.

Assistant County Manager Chip Crumpler told the commissioners that residents need to try to sign up for the Open Broadband service, and that will help determine where the service is improved.

Details on getting hooked up with Open Broadband’s service can be found at