Call For Better Representation On Goldsboro P.D.

Call For Better Representation On Goldsboro P.D.

The calls for racial justice come to Goldsboro City Hall.

At Monday’s Goldsboro City Council meeting, community organizer Bobby Jones brought two requests to the city.

Jones is calling for a moratorium on the hiring of any white Goldsboro Police Department staff until enough black GPD staff have been hired to closely reflect the demographics of Goldsboro.

Second, he is recommending that the city council participate in some special in-depth “Racial Equity Training.”

Jones cited several examples of racism/white supremacy in the city, including the mayor’s treatment of newly-elected Councilwoman Brandi Matthews.

Jones tells Goldsboro Daily News the voices calling for change will continue to grow.

Jones also says, as a member of the community, he wants to help with the problem.

Bobby Jones (center) speaks at prayer vigil honoring the life of George Floyd.