Board Meets District 4 Commissioner Candidates

Board Meets District 4 Commissioner Candidates

There are four candidates vying for an open seat on the Wayne County Board of Commissioners.

The board has been looking to fill the vacancy left due to the passing of Commissioner A. Joe Gurley, III in May.

At this week’s meeting, the Commissioners were introduced to the four candidates: Freeman Hardison, David Jackson, Doug Wiggins, and Ronald Waters.

Each candidate was able to spend a few minutes telling the board about themselves.

Freeman Hardison says the board faces challenges in the coming years, including maintaining the fund balance and avoiding major tax increases.

David Jackson talked about his relationship with the late Commissioner Gurley and says he thinks he would make a good commissioner for District 4.

Doug Wiggins says he would bring compassion and understanding to the board, and he wants to make decisions while considering the “least among us.”

Ronald Waters says the county commissioners have issues to work on from one side of the county to the other, and he feels he gets along well with the people of Wayne County.

The Wayne County Board of Commissioners has planned to make the appointment on Tuesday, July 14.