Public Art Steering Committee Accepting Applications, Memberships

Public Art Steering Committee Accepting Applications, Memberships

The City of Goldsboro is seeking new members for the Public Art Steering Committee.

As part of the Center Street Streetscape Project, the City was inspired to incorporate public art into the street transformation and design, and in turn, selected sculptor pieces to lease for a one-year term, with the help of a Public Art Steering Committee.

City staff requested the assistance of people representing various interests to serve on a steering committee, now named the Public Art Steering Committee (PASC). In 2015, the Downtown Development office worked with the Arts Council of Wayne County to identify a cross section of local artists, designers, and city-related staff or committee members to commit to helping with the selection process. After a couple of meetings, the PASC decided it was best to hire the services of a public art consultant to help identify possible pieces and guide in the process. This consultant identified available, leasable pieces for the PASC to view and consider. Based on preferences, size, dimensions, scale/mass and availability, the PASC created a shortlist for further consideration. The shortlisted pieces were then made available via the City’s website for one month to gain feedback from the public. This feedback helped the Goldsboro City Council select the two that were chosen.

Since the city is interested in fresh perspectives; it will maintain up to seven positions that will rotate with new members each year. The city is seeking to fill these positions with persons that are interested in public art and are able to be part of a team effort to make decisions on their selections. The interest is to have a diverse committee, thus selections to fill these positions will be based on the following: application submittals, race, sex, age, profession, geographic area of representation, prior involvement, organizational representation and ability to attend meetings. The member’s commitment will require participation in two meetings starting in August and ending with the Public Art Installation Ceremony in October.

Applications are due no later than 12 p.m. July 20, 2020. Please return completed applications to the Downtown Development office by any of the following methods: email – [email protected], or personal visit/mail – 219 N. John Street, Goldsboro, NC 27530. Anyone with further questions about the Public Art Steering Committee may call the Downtown Development office at 919-735-4959 or email Octavius Murphy at [email protected].

Click here for 2020-21 PASC Membership Application