Wayne UNC: Don’t Delay Necessary Healthcare Visits

Wayne UNC: Don’t Delay Necessary Healthcare Visits

While there have been adjustments due to COVID-19, Wayne UNC Health Care is getting back to business as usual, and the local hospital doesn’t want you to delay if you need medical services.

Chanda Newsome is the Director of Infection Control at Wayne UNC.  She tells Goldsboro Daily News the hospital is running at almost 100% capacity for pre-COVID surgeries.

Newsome says there has been a dip in Emergency Room visits, and the Emergency Department is the only place the hospital continues to restrict visitors.  Patients to the Emergency Department are not allowed to have a visitor with them unless they need a person to help them navigate their visit.  That same policy is in effect for outpatient visits (lab draw, chest x-rays, etc.).

Newsome reminds Wayne UNC Health Care has separate units for COVID-19 patients that come the hospital.

Wayne UNC Health Care updated its visitor policy effective Wednesday, July 1. Each patient will be allowed one designated, screened visitor in most inpatient areas. Patients under COVID-19 investigation or COVID positive may not have any visitors unless approved for visitation due to end of life care. No one under 18 is allowed as a visitor to the hospital.

Further information on Wayne UNC Health Care’s operations during the COVID-19 pandemic can be found at wayneunc.org.