Tuesday, July 05, 2022
Several Detention Center Inmates Test Positive For COVID-19

Several Detention Center Inmates Test Positive For COVID-19

On June 13th, the Wayne County Detention Center was notified that an inmate transferred from the Detention Center to the Department of Corrections had tested positive for COVID-19. This inmate displayed no symptoms of the virus when housed at the Detention Center. Upon learning of the positive test, all inmates within the Detention Center who had direct contact with that inmate were tested for the virus. Seven of those inmates tested were determined to be positive for the coronavirus but were, and continue to be, asymptomatic. One other inmate tested positive; presented with minor symptoms and was treated. As a precaution, the eight individuals were isolated to prevent a spread of the virus. Those eight inmates are scheduled to be removed from isolation on July 5th.

Detention Center staff members have been vigilant in disinfecting all surfaces and limiting movement of individuals. Lower bonds have been issued that has resulted in a lower number of individuals in the intake process and reduces the number of individuals being left in the custody of the Wayne County Detention Center. The Detention Center continues to follow the guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control to minimize any exposure and spread of the virus.



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