Hines Recognized With Achievement Award

Hines Recognized With Achievement Award

Kristen Hines has been recognized for her determination to complete her education and fulfill her dreams.

Hines is the recipient of Wayne Community College’s Dallas Herring Achievement Award. The honor also made her the college’s nominee for the North Carolina Community College System’s annual award of the same name.

Dr. Herring was one of the state’s earliest advocates for community colleges. The award is bestowed annually upon a student who best embodies his philosophy that community colleges must “take the people where they are and carry them as far as they can go.”

Hines suffered due to mental illness that surfaced when she was a teenager. After she fell behind in high school, Hines enrolled in WCC’s Adult High School program and earned her diploma.

From there, she enrolled in WCC college-credit courses but battled more mental disorders which again disrupted her studies. Although her grade point average had tanked, she appealed and was allowed to try again.

Hines heaps praise on the college for giving her a second and third chance and letting her prove herself. “Before Wayne Community College, my life was a struggle and because I have been given opportunities by the school and others in my life, I feel like I am in a good place in my life where I can continue to move forward with my dreams and hopes for a bright future,” Hines said.

“Everyone has their own struggles each day, but with the extended helping hand from good folks that really care about committing to helping others, no one can stop you from achieving your dreams and desires.”

Hines is now “very successful in completing my course work with exceptional grades,” she said.

After receiving her associate in arts degree from WCC, she anticipates enrolling in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Korean Language and Culture Program. Her dream is to “study abroad in Korea as well, if the opportunity arises, and I hope to eventually relocate to Seoul to do translation work for video game companies.”