Sunday, September 27, 2020
State Board To Hear Election Protest Appeal

State Board To Hear Election Protest Appeal

The effort to undo a Wayne County primary election is not over yet.

The State Board of Elections is scheduled to meet over-the-phone Monday afternoon, June 29.

During that meeting, the board plans to hear an appeal regarding the election protest filed against Bevan Foster, the winner of the March 3rd Democratic Primary for the District 3 Wayne County Board of Commissioners seat.

The Wayne County Board of Elections dismissed the election protest earlier this month.

The protest was filed by Linda Lamm Harper, Zachary Edward Lilly, and Joy Brown.

The election protest alleged Foster did not live at his registered District 3 address of 610 Deveraux Street in Goldsboro.


  • randi thistle

    If you use Google Street view, you can clearly see the house is abandoned. Every visible window is boarded up. It’s not rocket science.

    • mrtwinturbo2

      I tend to agree with you

    • Taxpayer

      believe it or not, he was actually renting that place to somebody else