The History Channel To Film In Goldsboro-Wayne County

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The History Channel To Film In Goldsboro-Wayne County

The History Channel is set to film in the Goldsboro and Wayne County area this week.  According to Visit Goldsboro, the travel and tourism department for Goldsboro-Wayne County, the show, “It’s How You Get There,” is in town filming through Friday.  The History Channel Producers approached Visit Goldsboro in 2019 and expressed an interest in filming in the local area.

“It’s How You Get There” appeals to travel, thrill, and transportation enthusiasts by following two life-long friends who travel around the country using exciting modes of transportation that ultimately highlight interesting destinations and “hidden gems.”

“The History Channel’s coming to Goldsboro-Wayne County is indicative of the great strides our community has made in the last several years to better tell our story and become a destination worth visiting. It’s a great opportunity to showcase to a national audience the positive assets of our area, like the ATV park, BBQ scene, historic downtown, and our transportation heritage that ranges from trains to planes,” said Ashlin Glatthar, director of travel & tourism for Goldsboro-Wayne County.

Goldsboro-Wayne County is set to feature as part of Season 3 of “It’s How You Get There.” While an exact date for the Goldsboro-Wayne County episode is yet to be confirmed, viewers can tune in to the start of Season 3, which starts this summer, Sunday 8 p.m. EST, on the History Channel. Reruns will be featured on History Channel, FYI Channel, and the entire season will eventually be streamed on demand via Amazon Prime.