County Commissioners Honor Memory Of George Floyd

County Commissioners Honor Memory Of George Floyd

Since George Floyd died while in police custody in Minneapolis in late May, demonstrations across the country have protested police brutality and pushed for racial equality.

That effort left the streets and entered the Wayne County Board of Commissioners Meeting Room Tuesday in the form of a proclamation honoring the life of George Floyd.

Sylvia Barnes, the President of the Goldsboro/Wayne NAACP, read the Resolution Honoring the Memory of George Floyd and Decrying Unlawful Acts of Law Enforcement Officers and Lawful Actions of First Responders including Law Enforcement Officers.

The full resolution can be read below.

The Wayne County Commissioners unanimously approved the proclamation honoring George Floyd’s life on Tuesday.

NOTE: Following passage of the Resolution Honoring the Life of George Floyd, Wayne County Board Chair Ray Mayo issued a statement saying “Though there may exist individuals within the law enforcement community who may not reflect the true values and morals that we as a community expect from our civil servants, there are far more who reflect a positive image on a daily basis.”

Mayo goes on to say “We want to thank and acknowledge the tireless efforts of the men and women in Wayne County Law Enforcement and our citizens who have effectively communicated and preserved the peace throughout the recent events.”

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