Board Dismisses Election Protest Against Foster

Board Dismisses Election Protest Against Foster

An election protest filed against a candidate for the Wayne County Board of Commissioners is dismissed.

The election protest — filed by Linda Lamm Harper, Zachary Edward Lilly and Joy Brown — alleges District 3 Commissioner candidate Bevan Foster does not live at his registered District 3 address of 610 Deveraux Street in Goldsboro.

Foster’s counsel started Wednesday’s hearing on the election protest by challenging the eligibility of the persons that filed the protest based upon the fact that two of the protesters were identified as Republicans and were therefore unable to vote in the Democratic Primary Election.

Board of Elections member Bryan King says two of the issues brought up mandated a dismissal — the fact that there were ineligible protesters listed on the petition and that Foster was not properly served at his proper address.

About one hour into Wednesday’s hearing, the Wayne County Board of Elections voted 3 – 2 and dismissed the challenge filed against Foster, who won the March 3rd Democratic Primary for the District 3 Commissioner’s seat.