Community Prayer Vigil To Be Held This Evening

Community Prayer Vigil To Be Held This Evening

A community Prayer Vigil Gathering will be held in support of Goldsboro resident, Mahalia Jones, and honoring her nephew, George Floyd. The vigil will be held at 5 PM today, Thursday, June 4, at the Veteran’s Memorial located at 235 East Walnut Street in Goldsboro.

The gathering will include comments from:

  • Larsene Taylor, UE 150
  • Bobby Jones, Down East Coal Ash Environmental and Social Justice Coalition
  • Kristiann Herring, Wayne County Strong

The question, “what must we do as a community to ensure that Mr. George Floyd did not die in vain”?

Please be reminded that social distancing will be practiced and face masks will be provided if you need one.

Mahalia Jones, the aunt of George Floyd, stands with demonstrators in front of Goldsboro City Hall on June 2.