Tuesday, July 05, 2022
Hay Barn Fire Near Seven Springs (PHOTO GALLERY)

Hay Barn Fire Near Seven Springs (PHOTO GALLERY)

Before lunchtime on Thursday, firefighters from Seven Springs, Indian Springs, Pricetown, and Elroy were dispatched to a possible working structure fire on the farm of Jerry Lynch near Seven Springs. As firefighters arrived on-scene, heavy smoke was rolling out from underneath a large shelter being used to store round bales of hay. Firefighters quickly dropped several attack lines on the ground in front of the shelter, while other units went to the other end of the shelter. Farmer Lynch was using a tractor to remove the round bales of hay from underneath the shelter. Another tractor was brought in to assist in removing the hay. Firefighters used the attack line to put out the blaze. Tankers were used to shuttle loads of water from a nearby fire hydrant. The fast action of the local farmers and firefighters got some of the hay bales out of the shelter. Most of the hay was lost due to fire and water damage. The actual building structure was not damaged by the blaze.  Wayne County EMS Station 1 was on the scene to assist. Firefighters were on the scene for several hours.



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