Preliminary Consideration Scheduled For Election Protest

Results of Goldsboro Mayoral Race Could Take Weeks to Become Official

Preliminary Consideration Scheduled For Election Protest

An initial hearing is set for the challenge filed against a candidate for the Wayne County Board of Commissioners.

The election protest challenging Bevan Foster’s victory in the March 3rd Primary Election was filed by three Goldsboro residents; Linda Harper, Zachary Lilly and Joy Brown.  The petition alleges Foster does not live at his registered District 3 address of 610 Deveraux Street in Goldsboro, and cites three instances where official election-related mailings to Foster’s Deveraux Street address were returned to sender.  The election protest goes on to ask for a new election for the District 3 seat.

The Wayne County Board of Elections has now scheduled a preliminary consideration of the election protest during an over-the-phone meeting set for next Wednesday, May 27, at 4 PM.  Full details on the meeting can be found here.