Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Preliminary Consideration Scheduled For Election Protest

Preliminary Consideration Scheduled For Election Protest

An initial hearing is set for the challenge filed against a candidate for the Wayne County Board of Commissioners.

The election protest challenging Bevan Foster’s victory in the March 3rd Primary Election was filed by three Goldsboro residents; Linda Harper, Zachary Lilly and Joy Brown.  The petition alleges Foster does not live at his registered District 3 address of 610 Deveraux Street in Goldsboro, and cites three instances where official election-related mailings to Foster’s Deveraux Street address were returned to sender.  The election protest goes on to ask for a new election for the District 3 seat.

The Wayne County Board of Elections has now scheduled a preliminary consideration of the election protest during an over-the-phone meeting set for next Wednesday, May 27, at 4 PM.  Full details on the meeting can be found here.

  • Scott

    He did not live there during the election. The proof is on the Team Goldsboro 2019 facebook page. There should be a new election.

    • Stanley Brady

      He lied like the rest of the corrupt Democrats.