WCC Taking Layered Approach to Campus Return

WCC Taking Layered Approach to Campus Return

Wayne Community College is working to re-open its campus after weeks of operating remotely due to COVID-19 precautions.

While the state is in Phase I of its re-opening process, the college is also transitioning back to campus occupation.

Staff will return on May 18 and be available to assist members of the public on any business that cannot be transacted online or over the phone. Faculty will be back on campus on May 26.

“College administrators are working on a careful, orderly pathway to return employees and then students to campus,” said Dr. Thomas A. Walker Jr., WCC’s president. “With the right combination of patience, sensibility, and responsibility, we will engage the challenges and opportunities this situation brings us.”

Preparations for opening include deep cleaning and installation of barriers (transparent or movement-restricting, depending on the situation). The college is strongly encouraging its employees to wear masks or face coverings when they are beyond their individual offices.

“We are still in the midst of a pandemic. As we proceed with our campus re-opening, we are following guidance from local, state, and national officials, agencies and organizations, as well as our own assessment of what is prudent and responsible,” said WCC Public Information Officer Tara Humphries. “Preservation of health and safety is paramount.”

The college will be fully prepared to support students on the May 26 Open Registration Day for Summer classes. Processes will be in place that limit physical contact but do allow one-on-one assistance from Financial Aid, Admissions, and Counseling personnel as well as academic advisors. Registration that day runs 8 a.m.-7 p.m.

Students will not return en masse for the Summer term. The majority of classes that will begin May 27 are online with exceptions where lab time is necessary to adequately teach subjects and for certain essential training programs. In those cases, all distancing and hygiene precautions will be taken.

Information on Fall semester registration will be published soon.

Wayne Community College Public Information Officer Tara Humphries (left) and Vice President for Academic and Student Services Patty Pfeiffer (on screen) participate in a virtual meeting. The college has been providing classes and services remotely to comply with Gov. Roy Cooper’s stay-at-home executive order.