Drivers Slowly Returning To Wayne County’s Roads

Drivers Slowly Returning To Wayne County’s Roads

An Associated Press analysis shows Americans are slowly getting back on the road after spending much of the last two months at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. The AP analyzed figured from StreetLight Data Inc. and found drivers had gotten behind the wheel more in the last week than at any other time since mid-March.

The latest numbers show driving activity during the week ending May 8th was 60% higher than the lowest point since the COVID-19 outbreak began.  Driving activity was still down nearly 50% since January.

According to the numbers for Wayne County roads, last week saw a 49% uptick in driving since the county’s recorded “low point” during the week of April 6th.  Drivers logged approximately 3.5 million miles traveling Wayne County’s roadways last week.  Compare that to the week of April 6th where fewer than 2.4 million miles of travel were recorded on the county’s roadways.