WCPS Recognizes School Lunch Heroes

School Lunch Heroes at Brodgden Middle

WCPS Recognizes School Lunch Heroes

School lunch heroes at Rosewood Elementary

On Monday, May 4, Wayne County Public Schools recognized School Lunch Hero Day. Over the course of the morning and early afternoon, WCPS superintendent Dr. Michael Dunsmore and his Cabinet traveled to the 10 school meal distribution sites via an activity bus to personally thank all of the School Nutrition Staff and volunteers for their invaluable service during this time.

In addition to a personal thank you, Dr. Dunsmore gave workers and volunteers a special sweet treat with a message of appreciation. At the Tommy’s Road Elementary site, volunteers from the Goldsboro Family YMCA were recognized for their efforts to deliver meals to students who cannot travel to a distribution site. The team also stopped by the Salvation Army headquarters to thank leaders, Captain Phillip and Captain Sherry Stokes, for their efforts to coordinate meal distributions over the Spring Break to give cafeteria staff a needed break.

School Lunch Heroes at Goldsboro Family YMCA

“While many workplaces have sent employees home to work remotely due to COVID-19, we have School Nutrition staff and volunteers reporting to worksites daily to serve meals to thousands of students a week,” states Dr. Dunsmore. “These women and men are truly heroes during this time, and I cannot be more proud of their efforts to support children.”

Since North Carolina Governor Cooper closed buildings for face to face instruction in mid-march, WCPS School Nutrition staff have dished up over 65 thousand meals for students. Goldsboro Family YMCA volunteers travel approximately 220 miles daily delivering meals. Over the Spring Break, Salvation Army volunteers served over 15 thousand meals at the 10 sites.

It is worth noting as part of Monday’s recognitions, Wayne County Board of Education Chair, Don Christopher West, drove the activity bus to each site. As part of the district’s School Lunch Hero recognition efforts, many principals from the area schools stopped by the sites during the day to express their appreciation to the School Nutrition staff as well.