City Cancels 2020 Summer Youth Employment Program

City Cancels 2020 Summer Youth Employment Program

It’s disappointing news for the Goldsboro teens that were hoping for some summer work opportunities.

Monday evening, the Goldsboro City Council agreed to cancel the city’s Summer Youth Employment Initiative for 2020.

Goldsboro Community Relations Director Shycole Simpson-Carter explained it was due to the coronavirus pandemic.

32 youth and four local businesses expressed an interest in participating in the program this summer.

Council member Brandi Matthews suggested they still move forward with employing a limited number of the city’s youth at those few job sites.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, council member Gene Aycock says there could be a danger allowing the initiative to proceed this summer.

On a final 5 -2 vote Monday, the Goldsboro City Council decided to postpone the Summer Youth Employment Initiative until 2021.