N.C. Ag Officials Monitor COVID-19 Crisis

N.C. Ag Officials Monitor COVID-19 Crisis

(NORTH CAROLINA NEWS NETWORK) — North Carolina agriculture officials are keeping a close eye on developments with the coronavirus.

Commissioner Steve Troxler tells sfntoday.com the virus has widespread implications for farmers and consumer, and it is having an impact on the department.

He says agriculture is essential, and people are realizing that more than ever as they head to the grocery store and search for protein and vegetables.

Troxler says the department intends to continue to provide it services as best as they can, but he anticipates some services may take a little longer.

He says they may get to a point to where we have to scale back to critical services involving food safety and consumer protection.

An Agriculture Assistance Hotline has been set up to help those in the North Carolina agriculture industry who need help with COVID-19 related issues.  Call 1-866-747-9823. Or email Covid19Questions@ncagr.gov.

N.C. Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler