Recon Raider Remembrance Ride to Pass Through Goldsboro

Recon Raider Remembrance Ride to Pass Through Goldsboro

Recon Raider Remembrance Ride to Pass Through Goldsboro

On Sept. 9-10 Asymmetric Solutions, along with the support of The Reconnaissance Foundation, Marine Raider Foundation, and the Disabled American Veterans, will host a national-level awareness event representing the fallen from the Marine Recon and Raider communities titled “The Recon Raider Remembrance Ride” (R4).

The R4 event is a community/country awareness event focused on the casualties suffered by the United States Marine Corps Recon and Raider communities supporting strategic efforts on behalf of the United States of America.

This event will represent those casualties in the form of one (1) motorcycle and rider(s) for each Killed in Action (KIA) / Killed in Training (KIT) from the communities. These riders will conduct a convoy-style movement from Camp Lejeune. North Carolina to the Arlington, Virginia cemetery and back, passing through any KIA / KIT hometowns in proximity to the direct route over a two-day period (Infil 1-day, Exfil 1-day).

On Sept. 9, the riders will pass through Goldsboro, the same day that Freedom Fest will take place in downtown Goldsboro. Accommodations will be made for the riders to ride down Center Street between 10:30 a.m. and 11.

This event will aid in bringing national awareness to the realities of the contributions and price being paid by these two relatively small communities for the maintaining of the freedoms in this country.

Additionally, Gold Star families will have another effort put forth showing commitment to ensuring they are never forgotten and gratitude for their sacrifice.

Lastly, it will aid in highlighting to the current and future generations of Recon and Raiders that these communities are cut from the same cloth, and the sacrifices made and effects of loss ripple near simultaneously through these closely related organizations.

For more information on sponsoring or participating in the “The Recon Raider Remembrance Ride,” contact Keith Waldrop at [email protected] or call (844) 851-0911.