Tax Assessor’s Update to Commissioners 

Tax Assessor’s Update to Commissioners 

Alan Lumpkin, Wayne County Tax Administrator, provided an update on the settlement and collections for 2021 and prior years during the Wayne County Commissioners Meeting. The tax department has a current collection rate of 98.45%. This collection rate is higher than last year and is important because it allows the county to budget up to this collection percentage.

A motion to accept the tax collector’s settlement for Calendar Year 2021 taxes and prior years was approved unanimously. In addition, a motion to approve an order directing the tax collector to collect the taxes charged in the tax records and receipts for Calendar Year 2022 and all prior years outstanding taxes was approved unanimously. These items come before the Board on a yearly basis and are mostly housekeeping items to officially collect taxes.

A motion to appoint Alan Lumpkin as Tax Administrator for four years was approved unanimously.