Sunday, June 26, 2022
La Grange Fireworks Explosion Causes Third  July 4th Cancellation

La Grange Fireworks Explosion Causes Third July 4th Cancellation

Last week, the town of Swansboro and Wilson County announced they were canceling their fireworks for July 4th, and now Franklin County says its Independence Day fireworks will not take place because they don’t have enough time to find replacements.

Randy Herring, who owned the farm property, was killed in the explosion and three other people were hospitalized when commercial-grade fireworks detonated earlier this month on a small farm in La Grange. The fire was started as a controlled burn in a hay field.

In a an announcement released Monday the county stated “Franklin County is saddened by the loss of life from the fire in Lenoir County last week which resulted in several injuries to firefighters fighting a fire which also included the detonation of commercial-grade fireworks in a storage container. As a result of the destruction of the fireworks – which would have been used in this year’s celebration – and the lack of time to find replacements, the county will have to cancel this year’s Independence Day fireworks and accompanying festivities.”