Dudley Structure Fire Sunday Afternoon

Dudley Structure Fire Sunday Afternoon

Late Sunday afternoon firefighters from Dudley, Arrington and Mar-Mac along with Wayne County paramedics from Station 8 were dispatched to a structure fire on the 200 block of Rollingwood Drive. When firefighters arrived on the scene the fire was pretty much out. Three Wayne County Sheriff deputies were in the area and responded to the call. When they arrived the outside corner wall was on fire and they quickly grabbed several garden hoses and began to put out the fire.

They made sure that all of the people and their pets were safely out of the residence.

The fire was contained to the outside of the home and no damages to the inside of the structure. Fire officials on the scene conducted an investigation and were unable to find the cause of the fire and ruled it as “undetermined”. Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement remained on the scene for about an hour.