Hotel Chain Offers COVID-19 Recovery Centers

As the COVID-19 foothold in the US grows, so does the need for medical facilities and hospitals. The rapidly growing demand for additional beds is not just for patients working on recovery, but for those choosing to self-quarantine as well as the healthcare professionals who are caring for them. Hotel Management Company, ZMC Hotels and their team created to connect health professionals, government agencies and recuperating patients with a solution during this chaotic time.

The company owns and operates hotels across the country, including two properties in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

The new business model that was the brainchild of ZMC CEO, Mark Hall, emerged three weeks ago and since then, his company has pivoted with breakneck speed to make things happen.

“We will continue to serve our traditional hotel guests but have converted many of our hotels to accommodate guests that are a) at-risk population, i.e. elderly or homeless, b) asymptomatic front-line workers that want to shelter in place to avoid potentially exposing families or others, and c) population that is infected with the virus that doesn’t need intensive care” said Mark Hall, CEO of ZMC Hotels.

The company has identified hotels near major medical facilities throughout the US and has converted these properties into what they are calling, Recovery Centers. These centers will provide a solution for hospitals looking to discharge patients who are no longer considered critical, but that still need additional support and care. These Recovery Centers will have oxygen concentration devices, based on availability, and provide meal delivery services available 24/7, that includes a chain of custody of the preparer and delivery person including body temperature checks.

Other hotels in the company are targeting healthcare professionals, first responders and government agencies by offering a space where they can “Shelter-in-Peace”.  These dedicated hotels offer very strict protocols for cleanliness, staff specifically trained in social distancing, isolated HVAC systems to ensure rooms do not share air with adjacent spaces, sneeze guards at all front desks, antibacterial hand sanitizer at hotel entrances and common areas, unnecessary hard and soft surfaces, like throw pillows and decorative bed scarves, have been removed and a room turnover procedure that includes sterilization of each room with heat treatments up to 135 degrees for three hours to thoroughly disinfect rooms.