Sunday, January 16, 2022
Stage Play: “Paul”

Stage Play: “Paul”

Everybody loves a winner. Paul is the magnet which draws the ladies and the gents. Everybody wants to be around the man with a plan. Who is it willing to take the time to know Paul for who he really is? Who is willing to peel back the layers to reveal the side that is hidden?

Paul witnessed his mother’s sacrifices. He noticed her persistence to make ends meet when it seemed all hope was lost. The joy of others was often the result of her pain. As a small boy, Paul vowed to one day take care of Ms. Niecy. She would never again go to bed hungry or concern herself with the responsibilities of caring for a home. A long as Paul had his strength, she would shed no more tears.

As an adult, Paul has achieved status. He walks in confidence and authority. Money is no longer an issue. As a mid-level criminal, he appears to have the world at his fingertips until one moment causes him to question that he has depended on for so long.

One moment and one woman can make all the difference. When the man with everything comes face to face with something he has never had, what does he chose? His crossroad may be very different from yours, but never-the-less, choices are unavoidable.

Venue: Paramount Theatre
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Goldsboro, NC 27530
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