YOUR SEYMOUR SALUTE: Powered by Classic of Goldsboro

YOUR SEYMOUR SALUTE: Powered by Classic of Goldsboro

Every week, Your Seymour Salute highlights an airman serving at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro.

Senior Airman Lauren Keay-Golyakhovsky played a key role in implementing the new F-15E Basic Course Syllabus by researching, orchestrating, and constructing the first-ever China-based B-Course capstone scenario.

Additionally, Keay-Golyakhovsky overhauled aircrew intel academics, restructuring academic blocks comprising 40 percent of B-Course Intel instruction on enemy tactics and training data.

Keay-Golyakhovsky also provided daily instructional briefs to F-15E aircrew on adversary weapons systems and answered dozens of requests for high-fidelity imagery necessary to complete air-to-ground training across six formal courses.

Lastly, Keay-Golyakhovsky augmented her phenomenal work performance by concurrently pursuing a Masters in Homeland Security.

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