Charges Dismissed Against Southern Wayne High School Teacher

Charges Dismissed Against Southern Wayne High School Teacher

The Wayne County District Attorney’s Office says the charges have been dropped against Southern Wayne High School Teacher, Anthony Williams. According to Wayne County Public Information Officer, Joel Gillie, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Deputies met with the District Attorney’s office and discussed the case involving Mr. Williams. After discussion, the DA’s office dropped the charges and will allow the school system to handle the issue administratively.

The statement from the DA’s office on the dismissal document: “The State elects to forego the pursuit of a criminal conviction in this matter being of the opinion that school administrative authority is best situated to fashion a timely and equitable response to the actions of this employee while on school property.”

Posted on Goldsboro Daily News on February 28, 2022:

In a Press Release from the Wayne County Sheriffs Department issued today, they stated that on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, Deputy A. Wood was providing security at a Southern Wayne High School basketball game. As part of Deputy Wood’s responsibilities, he was monitoring the crowd for weapons which are not permitted on school premises.

Deputy Wood observed an individual with a pocketknife who would later be identified as Southern Wayne High School teacher Anthony Williams. Deputy Wood made contact with Mr. Williams to investigate the presence of a pocketknife on school grounds. They moved to an area that afforded Mr. Williams privacy while discussing this matter. Deputy Wood was able to confirm Mr. Williams did possess a knife in violation of NCGS 14-269.2(d), Possession of Weapon on School Property. Deputy Wood requested voluntary compliance to secure the knife. Mr. Williams did not comply with Deputy Wood’s instructions which resulted in physical contact between Mr. Williams and the deputy.

Later, Mr. Williams was issued a citation for possession of a weapon on school property and resist/delay/obstruct public officer. The incident has been reviewed by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. No further information will be released as criminal proceedings are pending in court.

Meanwhile, in a Press Release from the Law Office of Habekah B. Cannon, PLLC representing Mr. Williams, it was announced that a gathering is scheduled to be held Tuesday, March 1st at 12 noon to demand the School Board reinstate Mr. Williams. The gathering will be outside the Wayne County Public School Board office, 2001 Royall Ave. in Goldsboro.

On February 24th students organized and walked out of their classroom to express their support for Mr. Williams and their opposition to his suspension.



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